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Uhuru tells off police for engaging in unlawful actions


Thursday, 27th April 2023


Former President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday lashed out at the National Police Service (NPS) for what he termed as failing to follow the law in their undertakings.


Uhuru made the remarks outside the Jubilee Party headquarters in Nairobi, where police officers were at the center of commotion amid feuding political tension.


Reports indicated that two separate factions of the Jubilee Party laid claim for the party and by extension the head office, before the former president who is still the party’s leader arrived at the scene.


Uhuru intimated that the police turned a blind eye to goons who caused mayhem and destruction at the grounds during the incident.


“This is not our property. We have just rented it. It is someone else’s proterty. You have thrown teargas at our neighbours so that you can take over the office by force. That is not right. That is not lawful,” he said.


“To our police officers, please follow the law. We have seen you many times taking a path against rights,” he added.


Uhuru pointed out an incident where a man was left with injuries after allegedly taking a beating from a rival group as police officers watched.


The former head of state added that all police officers have taken a constitutional oath to serve and protect Kenyans regardless of their social standings and political affiliations, further noting that the incident at the Jubilee Party headquarters left a bad taste in his mouth.


“Do what is right. You took an oath to protect the nation, its citizens and the Constitution. Please do that and do not accept top be used wrongfully,” Uhuru said.


“When you are used wrongfully, you break the law. For us, we follow the law and we do not have a problem with it. But laws should protect citizens.”



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