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Police officer sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting businessman dead in 2017


Tuesday, 2nd May 2023


A former police officer who was attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters was on Tuesday, May 2, convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting dead a man six years ago in Limuru town.


Edward Moi Munjalu was found guilty by Lady Justice Mary Kasango of murder in the death of William Mwangi Kimani on August 27, 2017, at Club U-Turn in Limuru Town.


Kimani, a building, and construction engineer, was shot and killed following a scuffle that erupted after he refused to buy the rogue cop alcohol.


The club’s bouncers, responding to the commotion, had ejected the police officer from the premises.


Evidence presented in court showed Munjalu remained within the club’s vicinity and awaited the exit of Kimani. He then approached Kimani’s vehicle as he was reversing out of the parking lot and shot him seven times through the front passenger window, killing him instantly.


In her judgment, Justice Kasango said Munjalu acted against the law when he shot and killed Kimani. The judge said he used excessive force, yet he faced no danger.


“Having convicted Edward of murder and considering what is discussed above, the appropriate sentence is imprisonment for 30 years,” the judge noted.


14 prosecution witnesses testified against Munjalu, among them the police officers who arrested him. Munjalu, in his defense, gave a sworn statement and did not call any witnesses.


Justice Kasango also pointed out that Kimani posed no threat to the officer, and therefore there was no justification for Munjalu’s actions that left the engineer dead.


The judge said the conviction and sentencing should act as a deterrent to the crime of murder.


“In calculating the sentence, the prison authority shall give Edward Munjalu a credit of 3 years and 10 months, which is the period he has been in custody awaiting the completion of his trial,” she added.


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