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Mothers of victims of police brutality seek compensation from State


By Missing Voices Reporter


Published April 24, 2023



The national convenor of the Mothers’ of Victims and Survivors Network Bena Buluma when she handed the network’s document on police brutality to the Law Society of Kenya president Eric Theuri on April 20,2023.

A group of mothers of victims of police brutality have appealed to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) to help them get justice for their children who were either killed, forcefully disappeared or injured by security agents.


The mothers through their outfit, Mothers of Victims and Survivors Network have submitted a report to the LSK documenting their children’s particulars and circumstances that led to their killings or disappearances.


Speaking to Missing Voices on Monday, April 24, 2023, the network’s national convenor Bena Buluma said the mothers are pursuing key issues including; justice, compensation and education of orphans by the government. Buluma also said the network is concerned about the killings by police a culture she wants stopped immediately by the government.


“We want the government to be held responsible for the past killings of our children and to stop further reckless killings,” Buluma said.


She said as a network they have capacity to offer guidance and counseling to youths instead of police killing them.


LSK through their official Facebook page on April 20, 2023, confirmed receiving of the report from the mothers’ network.


“The Society agreed to examine the documentation in order to determine whether the complaints are sufficiently substantiated to implicate State actors in the death(s) of the missing/deceased individuals in a class action suit,” the post read in part.


LSK confirmed it intends to embrace partnership to fight extrajudicial killings.


“The LSK in collaboration with other Partners, intends to deploy multi-pronged approaches of tackling complex issues on extra judicial executions, establish accountability mechanisms through Public Interest litigation and Advocacy and improve access to justice in a holistic and effective manner,” the society said.



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