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Kitui family seeks IPOA help after kin allegedly beaten by police officers


Tuesday, 21st February 2023


A family in Kitui County has appealed to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to investigate a case in which their kin was brutalized by police officers.

The family from Kaningo location in Tseikuru allege that Joseph Masika was arrested for unknown reasons on February 14 and taken to Kaningo Police Station.

While there, three police men descended upon him with kicks and blows, leaving him with severe injuries.

“Beating and injuring my son and rendering him unable to walk on his own was the height of inhumanity by the police,” Muinde Musyoka told The Star newspaper.

“The police authorities and IPOA should punish the policemen for taking the law into their own hands and being brutal,” he appealed.

Musyoka said the policemen took Masika to hospital shortly after the assault, but have since refused to cater for any further treatment costs.

“My son is now suffering at home as my family is poor and hunger-stricken. We do not have the money to take him to hospital,” Musyoka said.

According to The Star, Masika was left with a painful distinct limp after the ordeal that he said was unprovoked.

“When they arrested me from our shamba, I remained calm and cooperative. They took me to Kaningo Police Station on a motorbike. However, I was surprised when the policemen started beating me when we arrived at the station,” said Masika.

He pointed out that he had been arrested by one policeman, but two others joined in beating him at the station.

“They slapped me. They kicked me everywhere and hit me all over with a cane. When they were done, I could not hear properly and could not walk as I was injured in the hips,” he narrated.

Tseikuru subcounty police commander Charles Kibathi told The Star the incident had been brought to his attention. He said when he received information about the assault, he dispatched the Kaningo Police Station OCS to visit the victim.

“What I can tell you is that the victim is not as seriously injured as alleged,” he said.

Missing Voices Coalition has taken note of the alleged assault by the three police officers, and pledges to remain on the case until the truth is ascertained and justice is found.
The Coalition wants to remind all police officers to adhere to the laid out policing laws and guidelines while discharging their duties.

We also wish to bring to the attention of all police officers the requirement of the National Police Service Act of 2014, which states in part that “A police officer who abuses any powers conferred by this Act commits an
offense and is liable to disciplinary or criminal action and a person whose rights are violated by a police officer shall be entitled to redress and compensation upon the decision of a court, tribunal or other authority.”



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