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IPOA probes shooting of man in Baringo


The Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) has launched a probe into an incident where a man was killed by a bullet from a seniour cop’s gun in Baringo County.


John Ng’ang’a, 29, was shot by an identified person on November 24, 2022. Ballistic examination showed that the bullet was lodged from a gun belonging to deputy commanding officer at Timboroa Police station Inspector Geoffrey Mwangi. But Mwangi refutes shooting the man.


IPOA’s investigation follows conflicting reports over the identity of the person that pulled the trigger and the reasons behind the shooting.


Of contention is whether it was Inspector Mwangi or his girlfriend that shot Ng’ang’a.


According to Nation media group, a report made at the Mercy mission hospital in Eldama Ravine, where Ng’ang’a was rushed to for treatment, indicated that Inspector Mwangi in the company of a group of youth brought a wounded Ng’ang’a to the hospital for treatment at around 4 am on November 25.

The officer claimed to have accidentally shot Ng’ang’a in self-defence. 

The report states that the police officer had come from escorting a friend to Timboroa stage at about midnight when he was accosted by four men around the Timboroa market who wrestled to the ground before he pulled out his gun and shot twice.

The doctor’s report, however, showed that the victim was shot from an upward point, with the bullet entering through his right thigh at a higher point than the exit point.

On his part, Ng’ang’a disputed the Inspector’s report, saying that it was only meant to fix him.

The Nation.Africa report states Ng’ang’a to say he was enjoying his drinks at a joint in Timboroa Trading centre when the officer and his girlfriend who were in the same bar engaged in an argument.

He said the couple went out only for them to hear gunshots sound. On coming out they discovered it is the officer who had shot in the air. 

His girlfriend snatched the firearm from him and hid it behind the bar before locking the officer in one of the rooms.

She later called Ng’ang’a requesting him to help locate the pistol using the torch on his mobile phone in order to keep it safe.

They managed to find the gun but when she picked it she accidentally pulled the trigger while it was still cocked and shot Ng’ang’a.

Ng’ang’as family is apprehensive that the police will try to interfere with investigations in a bid to protect their own.

“The officer has been sending his family members to us seeking to reconcile but we have rejected his advances because we suspect malice in his actions. He is not sincere because he wants us to make reports that favour him but implicate Ng’anga,” a family member said.

Rift valley IPOA coordinator Josephat Kaimenyi said the authority is finalizing an investigation into the matter.

According to Kaimenyi, the matter which was received on November 25 has been processed and will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution soon for directions.

“We are at the tail end of the investigations and will soon be seeking directions from the DPP after we are done with investigations. It is a sensitive case which needed thorough investigations,” said Mr Kaimenyi.



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