#EndPoliceKillings #EndEnforcedDisappearances

Families in agony after three men disappear mysteriously


Three families in Nairobi have been filled with agony after the disappearance of their kin on different occasions over the last two months, all cases allegedly linked to police officials.


The victims were taken into custody by persons purporting to be Kenya Police officers, but have never been availed at any courts of law.


Speaking to Citizen TV, Mary Wanjiku, a mother to one of the men, said that her son, Martin Mungai, left his house in Roysambu on June 30 for a business meeting in Ruiru, but never made it that far.


To date, his whereabouts remain unknown, and despite reports made at the Kasarani Police station in addition to his family physically traversing the country in his search, nothing has been forthcoming thus far.


A second victim, James Muthee, disappeared on July 14 after he was arrested by unknown persons on his way back home from work at 8PM. Two vehicles blocked his car and forced him out. He was then bungled into one of the cars and driven away.


His car was later found at a police station in Ruai sub-county.


Muthee’s father, Peter Mwangi, has called on authorities to avail his son and charge him in a court of law should there be any criminal accusations laid on him, instead of holding him incommunicado.


A third victim, Vincent Owuor, was picked up from his office in Nairobi on September 13 by persons believed to be police officers, although they did not display any identification.


Owuor’s family, filled by anguish, began their search at Kilimani police station, from where they were directed to other stations across the city.


A day later, they took their search to Vigilance House, but were referred to Anti-Terror Police headquarters, which to them did not make sense.


All three families remain shaken by the thought of what might have happened to their loved ones, and whether they are still alive.


Enforced Disappearances remain to be a common narrative in Kenya despite efforts by multiple organizations and agencies to curb the vice.


Missing Voices, which has been recording and following up on such cases, is saddened by the transgressions that persist despite promises by security agencies to root the vice out.


We call on the National Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to move with speed to investigate these and all other cases of Enforced Disappearance, and bring all perpetrators to book.


We will remain steadfast among other like-minded organizations and agencies to the push towards criminalizing enforced disappearances.



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