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Ahmed Rashid to answer to murder charges tomorrow 


On Thursday, December 8, former Pangani Police Station officer Ahmed Rashid will take plea for the alleged murder of two men.

Until recently, Rashid, a police officer whose name sent shivers down the spines of many residents of Mathare, Eastleigh and Pangani areas, remained seemingly untouchable.

A new-found government goodwill tied to the change in leadership however changed all this, leading to the arrest of multiple officers of Rashid’s ilk, who meted wanton crimes behind the protection of the badge and uniform.

Rashid is accused of shooting dead Jamal Mohamed and Mohamed Dahir in Eastleigh, Nairobi on March 31, 2017.

In an amateur video that circulated widely on social media platforms, Rashid was seen gunning down the two men in broad daylight, despite one of them raising his hands in surrender.

At one point, the feared officer was seen requesting for another pistol before going ahead to pump more bullets into the body of one of the men.

Last month, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) recommended that Rashid be charged with murder.

The announcement sparked mixed reactions, as victims of police brutality rejoiced at the opportunity for accountability.

Others however in a show of defiance rallied for the police officer to be offered state protection, much against the laws and statutes governing policing in the country.

Human rights defender groups have however stated with clarity that Rashid’s case is more than just the push to detain a police officer.

The case, for many victims, portrays a chance for accountability for every police officer in their line of duty.

By shooting dead Mohamed and Dahir in the manner that he did, Rashid seemed to send a message that he was above the law, acting in arrogance and devoid of any possibility of being held accountable.

Missing Voices will keep a keen eye on the case which begins on Thursday, and hopes the law can take its course to completion, and justice served in fullness.



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