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2 cops in court for scuttling colleague’s attempted murder trial.


In May 2022, a police officer, Daniel Mutysia, was charged with the attempted murder of his ex-wife, Josephine Mutindi, an offense that occurred on January 9, 2019.


Mutysia, a general duty officer, wanted to light a gas cooker and burn his estranged wife and kids after a domestic squabble.


Police arrested Mutysia, and Mutindi booked a complaint at the Dondora police station under OB number 75/09/01/2019.


At the time, Mutindi requested Mutysia’s conditional release. But she kept being trailed and decided to revive the case two years later, in May 2022, and Mutysia was charged with attempted murder before Makadara Law Courts.


But as the case progressed, Mutysia conspired with two other colleagues, police officers Judy Musau and Bernard Malombe, to scuttle the case, court documents show.


According to a charge sheet seen by Missing Voices, Musau forged Josephine’s signature in a letter that was to be used to withdraw the case against Mutysia. Malombe acted as a false witness.


Mutysia then presented the forged letter before the court as evidence that his ex-wife had withdrawn the case against him, an inquiry opened by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) further showed.


“The Forensic Document Examiner’s Report dated 13/4/22 prepared by Mr. Chania Geoffery ascertains the forgery by Musau and false witnessing by Malombe,” Tabitha Ouya, a senior DPP, said in the inquiry.


Police arrested Musau and Malombe on October 4, 2022, and arraigned them today, where they were charged with forgery, abuse of office, and conspiracy to defeat justice.


The officers denied the offenses, and the court released them on Sh100,000 bond. A mention will be October 18, 2022.



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