#EndPoliceKillings #EndEnforcedDisappearances

Financial independence offers new chance for police accountability


Two days into his presidency, Kenya’s new Head of State, William Ruto, announced financial independence for the Kenya Police Service, a move widely hailed around the country.


On Saturday, September 16, while addressing elected leaders allied to his Kenya Kwanza Coalition, President Ruto stressed efficiency and accountability as the reason for the move, urging the police to improve their service delivery.


“Now henceforth, the police will have an independent budget. They will not be begging for money from other offices,” said Ruto in his address at the Naivasha meeting.


“We will allocate them the resources as is being done by Parliament, and we will begin to make demands of them on matters security, because in the past they used to give excuses of depending on finances from other offices. Now they have their own independent financing. We expect improved security in the country,” he added.


Missing Voices took note of the President’s address, and welcomes the move to offer financial independence to the Kenya Police Service.


And as spelled out clearly by President Ruto, we also wish to reiterate the need for improved security around the country.


Improved security for many Kenyans also means accountability by security officials in discharging their mandates.


Kenyans are aware of the disappearance of tens of people every year through rogue police elements, some of whom are said to be untouchable because of their connection to powerful figures within the society.


Missing Voices believes that with financial independence, the Kenya Police Service can take full control of its personnel devoid of any outside influence, thereby rooting out such criminal elements within their ranks.


Many families around the country remain in distraught years after their kin was disappeared by police officers.


Many, after losing all hope of ever seeing their loved ones again, are now only left with the fickle hope of finding their bodies for respectful burial.


The continued cases of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, despite efforts by multiple organizations and agencies, remains to be a cause of immense alarm.


The Right to Life is enshrined in Kenya’s Constitution, and as such should be respected by the country’s security agencies.


Missing Voices pledged to remain steadfast in the quest to bring an end to extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.



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