#EndPoliceKillings #EndEnforcedDisappearances

Kenya Police have arrested over 50 human rights defenders from Nairobi poorest locations during the 2020 #SabaSabaMarchForOurLives in the Capital.
Police lobbed teargas canisters at peaceful demonstrators marching to mark the 30th Saba Saba day to commemorate the liberation struggle in Kenya.

Saba Saba
Human Rights Defenders march to the Nairobi Capital to mark Saba Saba Day.

Among those arrested is Social Justice Centres Working Group Convener Wilfred Olal who is being held at Pangani Police station. Seven members of Kayole Justice Centre were arrested and are being held at Kayole police station.
Police are holding six at Pangani police station, five at Central police and five human rights defenders from Kibera at Kilimani police station.
More updates
Kayole police Station – 9
Central police station – 10+
Pangani police station – 19
Kilimani police station – 18
Here is the list of 37 human rights defenders arrested
1.Wilfred Olal (Pangani Police station)
Kayole Police station
2.Leila Umar
3.Edwin Nyangena
4.Sally Muhonja
5.Musili Defti
6.Rachel Mbithe
7.James Omondi
Pangani Police station
8.Kelvin Aroni
9.Nicole Nandi
10.Tobias Orao
11.Collins Ochieng
12.Floice Ochieka
13.Isaac Amunga
Central Police station
14.Alex Lani
15.Susan Lumumba
16.Athumani Salhina Saidi Kamau
17.Lucy Wanjiku
Kilimani Police Station
19.Edita Ochieng
20.Vincent Odhiambo
21.Frank Chacha
22.Ruth Ochieng
23.Rian Mercy
24.Belinda Adhiambo
25.Caren Akinyi
26.Sharon Risper
27.Angela Hope
28.Caren Brandy
29.Emily Akinyi
30.Lavian Anyango
31.Beryl Anyango
32.Beatrice Adhiambo
33.Millicent Atieno
34.Lucy Wanjiru- Central PS
35.Dennis Orengo -Pangani Ps
36.John Kamau -Kayole PS
37.Halima Bakari -Kayole PS
According to SJCWG, “The Sabasaba March for our lives 2020 is the third edition of the March which was successfully held for the first time on 7th July 2018 to remember the heroes who fought for the second liberation of Kenya and most importantly remember the victims of police brutality and extrajudicial killings in our slums and informal settlements.”
The Objectives of the March.
1. To call for Arrest and prosecution of the killer police officers
2. To offer solidarity to the victims, survivors and families affected by the Extra Judicial Execution, police brutality and enforced disappearances.
3. To advocate for the full implementation of the 2010 constitution.
4. To connect various community struggles with the aim of building a movement against impunity and bad governance.
According to Missing Voices, data police have killed 100 people in Kenya between January and June most of the cases in the informal settlement.


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