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Evidence tabled in court by a DCI detective shows mobile phones of three AP officers and an informer visited the scene where IJM lawyer Willie Kimani and two others were killed on June 23, 2016.
Directorate of Criminal Investigations officer in charge of cybercrime Nicholas Ole Sena told trial Judge Jessie Lessit that the accused mobile numbers were at Mastermind area along Mombasa Road, where the murder took place, and at Kilimambogo where their bodies were recovered.

The evidence adduced in court shows the numbers were at the crime scene on June 22, 23 and 24 2016.
The phone numbers of Senior Sergeant Fredrick ole Leliman who is the 1st accused, Corporal Stephen Cheburet (2nd accused), Sergeant Leonard Mwangi (4th accused) and police informer Peter Ngugi were traced by Safaricom masts at different times.
The only mobile phone that is not traced near the killing field was that of Sylvia Wanjiku (3rd accused), the officer believed to have been manning the booking office at Syokimau AP Post when Willie, Josephat and Joseph were detained in a container before they were killed.
The evidence shows Leliman and Mwangi’s phones were at the killing field at Mastermind on June 22 between 16:00 and 16:45, a day before the murder. On the day the murder took place; Cheburet’s phone was traced at Mastermind at around 20:00 before it was switched off; Ngugi’s phone was traced at the scene from 17:00.
Leliman and Ngugi’s phones are also captured by a mast near the same field on June 24, a day after the murder.
Ngugi confessed to the heinous murder before he was charged alongside his alleged accomplices. His confession – detailing how they hatched an evil plot to eliminate Willie, Josephat and Joseph were read out in court by Chief Inspector Geoffrey Kinyua in October last year.
On Thursday, Nicholas Ole Sena, from DCI said he wrote to mobile phone companies- Safaricom and Airtel seeking information from several people that nailed down phone movements of the five accused person.
The officer gave detailed movements of the accused phone numbers as they were captured in Mlolongo, Syokimau police station, Kamirithu, Athi River, Thika Road and Kilimambogo area, the routes believed to have been used by the four a day prior and a day after the killings.
According to Ole Sena, he sought IMEI history, call data, subscriber details and geographical details from the accused numbers beginning June 20 to June 26, 2016.
Leliman, Cheburet, Mwangi and Ngugi’s phone were captured by Safaricom’s mast at Mastermind.
“My lady, Mastermind covers Soweto where the actual killings took place,” Ole Sena explained.
Sylvia Wanjiku’s number was captured at Mlolongo on June 23 and at 20:05 it was seen at Syokimau Kiungani. On June 22, a day before the killings, her phone was picked at 10:09 am at Syokimau Kiungani where it remained until June 23rd at 22:31 when it was switched off. Ole Sena said Kiungani was where the AP post was located.
Stephen Cheburet mobile number 0720388784 is captured on June 22nd at 5.42 am at Syokimau Kiungani up to 10.32 am when he moved to Mlolongo area until 18.42. On June 23, 2016, he was seen at Caltex depot at 6.19 am, and at 8.42 am, the same day, it’s captured at Mlolongo Police Station.
His phone was later captured at Mlolongo at 9.24 am and later it was captured by a mast at Esser Athi River, the detective explained that Esser master captured Mavoko Law courts. His number was also traced at Acacia at 10.40 am and went to Athi River up to 10.47 am on 23rd. Later it is seen at Mombasa Road at 11.30 am
The number was captured at Mombasa road at 11.13 am on the 23rd June. At 18.51 of 23rd June, it moved from Caltex and later at 19:00 the same number was captured at Mastermind.
At 19:06 it was captured at Mlolongo police station and remained up to 20.17. Later it was at Mlolongo Police, on 23rd June 20;20 hours, the number was captured at Mastermind Mombasa Road. This is the last capture on that day.
“It was off at 20:20 at Mastermind my lady.”
The following day, on June 24, 2016, the phone was switched off at 10.08 am within Athi River Joyfilla
While analyzing Leonard Mwangi’s mobile number 0722939198, the witness said on 22 June at 10:53 am the number was at Mlolongo North up to 13.42.
Still that day, at 15.13 it was captured at Syokimau up to 16.01
“My lady, the same day at 16: 14 the same was captured at Mastermind.”
After two minutes 16.16 it was captured at Muthama heights,” Ole Sena said.
At 16:31 Mwangi’s number was captured again at Mastermind Mombasa Road and at 17:02 it was at Mlolongo. At 18:43 the number was captured at Caltex deport. At 19:49 it was captured at Brookside. Same date 22nd, up to 23rd June at 12:02 hours the number was captured at Murera farm where it remained until 12:13 before moving back to Murera.
“On 23rd 12:52, the number was captured at Ruiru Plaza up to 13.00 and at 15:45 of 23rd the number was at Ruiru Plaza,” said Ole Sena.
Mwangi’s phone is later that day seen at Kalimoni, Thika section 4, Thika Mburu mall, Thika victory plaza where it stayed up to 18:41 before being captured at Murera firm where it stayed until June 25th at 13:30.
On 22nd June 2016, Leliman’s mobile number 0722939198 is first captured on June 22 at 9:58 at Mlolongo.
At 13:38 it was captured again at Mlolongo Police station and Syokimau at 15:29. Leliman’s phone was at Mastermind at 16:45 on June 22, before the subscriber went back to Mlolongo police station at 17:04.
On 23rd June, at 7:53 am the number was seen at Mlolongo Valley, and 11:27 it was captured at Madaraka estate. At 13:06 hours the subscriber number was captured at Center Mombasa road and later at Mlolongo Police station.
At 17:03, it was captured at Center Mombasa Road up to 18:39 and at 18:55, the same day it was captured at Mlolongo Police station.
On 24th June 2016, a day after the killings, the number was seen at Mastermind at 8:16 am. Leliman’s number was seen yet again, the same day at 17:21 until 18;27 at Mastermind.
According to Ole Sena, Mastermind is a mast that captured Soweto area where the victims were killed.
On Peter Ngugi phone movement, at 7.21 am, it was captured at Waithaka where it stayed up to 9:35 am on June 22.
At 10:50 it was captured at Intercontinental Hotel, and 11.27 am it was captured at Kenya Poly.
At 13:45 it was captured at Mlolongo East and later at Mlolongo Impala where it stayed up to 15:08.
A few minutes later, it was captured at Syokimau where it remained up to 15:45. At 16:13 on 22nd, it was captured at Mlolongo North, remained there up to 19:21. The same date at 19:45 it was captured at Mlolongo police where it remained until 19:33.
At 19:55 the subscriber was captured at Posta City square.
It was captured later at Development House, at Kawangware Shell, Riruta Celtel and later at Uthiru and Waithaka at 11:43 pm.
On June 23, 2016, it was seen at Kwa Nganga between 4:00 to 4:02 am, Waithaka at 6:29 am, Mountain View Thiongo and at 6:58 am it was seen at Junction Riara road.
At 8:36 am it was captured at Mastermind Mombasa and later at Mlolongo police. Between 9:40 am and 8: 43am it was captured at Esser Athi River.
At 12:02 it was captured at Athi river and 12:12hrs the same was captured at Mlolongo Valley.
At 13:41hrs on June 23, it was captured at Muguga heading and 18:38hrs it was seen at Center Mombasa Road before being seen at Mastermind Mombasa at 21:17.
On 24th June, the number was captured at Witeithie, along Thika Superhighway. At 1.10 am the same number was captured at Thika Landless estate, at Gatuanyaga and 1:23 am the same number was seen at Kilimambogo where it remained until 1:27 am.
At 1:59 am the same number was captured at Kyeleni and at Mlolongo Impala at 6:02 am where it remained up to 14:53 before it moved towards Mlolongo North at 15:07.
The same day, at 17:00, it was captured at Mastermind Mombasa road and at 20:06 the subscriber was at Mlolongo Police. The following day, at 00:30 it was at Impala Mlolongo.
Ngugi’s number was seen at Mlolongo Police station on June 26 and 27.
“The subscriber of this number (Ngugi) is seen a lot at Mlolongo area where the 1st accused (Leliman works,” explained Ole Sena.
The phone movements explained how the subscribers move were captured within Esser Athi River which covered Mavoko Law Courts were Willie, Mwenda and Muiruri were on June 23 when they were abducted and later killed.
Mastermind covers Soweto area where the actual killings took place while Kilimambogo covers Oldonyo Sabuk river where their bodies were retrieved a week later stashed in gunny bags.
Kamirithu and Waithaka tower are where the motor vehicle they were using was recovered.
The hearing resumes on March 23, 2020.


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