#EndPoliceKillings #EndEnforcedDisappearances

Kayole, a slum in Nairobi Eastlands, is the home to Effa Andenyi Kwedno and her family. A mother of eight, two of them mercilessly killed by the police. She narrates the story how Robert Akanda Kwendo, nicknamed “Boss”, her son was set up and killed by the police.
According to Effa, the police have been taunting her family over the years, so her son’s death did not come as a surprise, nonetheless it hurt. Boss, a 26-year-old, was in a local club, enjoying a drink. A policeman, approached Boss and demanded that he stands up taking out his gun. Boss run away after seeing the police reaching out for his gun, not realizing there were more police officers outside of the club. He slipped out unnoticed. The same police officer according to Effa continued looking for Boss round Kayole neighbourhood.

Boss called his mother and explained what happened, because of this, Effa and her husband moved to Kayole, closer to their son to shield him from the threat of this known policeman.
A few weeks later, Boss assumed the hunt to find him was over, so resumed to his daily routines. As he was having dinner with his wife and friend, he received several calls from his ex-girlfriend. Irritated by her calling, he impatiently asked her what she wanted? His ex-girlfriend requested to meet him, telling him it’s urgent that they meet.
Curious to hear what was urgent, he immediately left the house, and did not inform his wife or friend where he was headed. “I’ll be right back” was the last words to his wife.
According to Effa, people saw Boss alight a Matau [public taxi] at a well-known junction in Kayole called B-Center. He was ambushed by several police and told to get on the ground and before he could be arrested, he was shot and killed. The police used his ex-girlfriend to target, track and execute Boss.
To date, Effa still does not know why the police officer was hunting her son and why he was killed, “I’m left with only his memories.”


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